It all started out with the longing for a single bottle of vinegar :
a balsamico with all the rich sweetness of a Piedmontese moscato.
This is no ordinary sweetness,
but one that transforms as the texture of the food changes,
balancing the aromas and acidity of a dish, and oozing with umami.
Finding such a vinegar meant finding a way to recreate
what I had experienced back in Piedmont,
where dishes brimming with seasonal delights were transformed,
through a single drop of vinegar, into a rounded, unforgettable taste.

In spring, calf, asparagus and broad beans;
in summer, rabbit, apricot and courgette;
in autumn, deer, chestnuts and wild mushrooms;
in winter, duck, pomegranate and pine nuts.

It is in honour of the Piedmontese way of eating
that I have created this culinary experience.
I wish you a heartfelt ‘buon appetito!’

Tadato Nagata, Head Chef